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In the ever changing global landscape of manufacturing it is crucial to keep abreast of developments in sourcing, regulations on import and export as well as hear from local experts. In China that means understanding local regulations such as the recent changes to company registration policies, how that affects your procurement and impacts your supply chain. In this section we will aim to share some of our insights on the domestic regulatory environment, the tools used to navigate these laws and remain on top of our sourcing objectives.

ChinaFind’s team of sourcing personnel share a vast wealth of experience dealing with Chinese manufacturers, understand how these businesses operate and how to connect western businesses with them. We also understand that this is a rapidly developing economy that is adjusting laws and regulations to try to manage the economy whilst improving company transparency, reducing fraud and raising standards to meet or exceed those we are used to in the Western world.

Along with these changes there are constantly new loopholes that are found and manipulated, new means for fraud and therefore new processes that need to be put in place to minimise risk and avoid the pit falls. Thankfully new tools and resources are also being developed that cater to these changes and to a certain degree simplify or enhance the sourcing process from China.

Please use the information in this website as a guide to sourcing from China, we are strategically placed in Shanghai and can be retained to manage your supply chain bringing a wealth of experience as well as practical location and know how to optimise your projects. Welcome to contact a consultant to lean more.

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