China Products Sourcing Examples

Examples of China products we source - construction & building supplies, insulated glass & glazing, workshop & business supplies, storage equipment and workshop equipment.


  • Search
    • Communication and translation of requirements and specifications
    • Consultation with builders, contractors, or project managers
    • Sourcing manufacturers
    • Site inspections for material conditions and labour practices
    • Full factory and company audit with audit report supplied
    • Sampling, price and contract negotiation
    • Assess the integrity and honesty of those individuals engaged as suppliers
    • Arrange city tours, lodging, and factory visits for clients


    • Verify pre-production samples
    • Manage production to ensure delivery on time (DOT) and meet contract terms
    • Production inspections
    • Corrections or replacements when required
    • Inspection reports supplied prior to final loading inspection
    • ODM or OEM Packaging design solutions and labelling


    • Arrangement of shipping
    • Completion of all export and customs documentation
    • Supervise container loading and securing of freight
    • Arrange forwarding of Bill of Lading and other original documents
    • Full Container Load (FCL) and Consolidation (LCL) for import and export
    • Competitive rates via a network of carriers
    • Experienced shipping to many world destinations including Middle East and Africa
    • Product instruction and technical support translation
    • Warranty Service, where applicable

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Construction & Building Supplies China

Insulated Glass & glazing China

Price competitiveness of Chinese glass is very high due to the large volume and established international market for Chinese glass. Almost all markets are primarily importing glass as opposed to manufacturing.

Advantages: glass can be produced to any size or specification and can be fitted with frames or additional labour intensive work carried out in China at low cost such as treating or polising.

Color Insulated Glass Unit

Curved Insulated Glass Units" x2/x3 Glazed

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) " x2/x3 Glazed

Laminated Insulated Glass Units

Low-e (low-emissivity) Insulated Glass Units

Tempered or Strengthened Insulated Glass Units


Building Materials China

Building Materials purchased in sufficient quantities savings of up to 2/3 can be achieved by purchasing supplies direct from China.

From cement to nails, China is the supplier of the world with 80% of the worlds manufactured goods originating in China.

The role of ChinaFind is to translate your requirements into actual solutions from trusted suppliers with high quality products at the right price.

Bathroom & Sanitary Ware




Frames and profiles


Signs & Signage

Stone & Countertops

Store, Hotel Room & Office Fit Outs

Installation Accessories


Workshop & Business supplies China

Storage equipment China

Plastic Storage Containers

Steel Wire Stacking and Transport Basket

Storage Cupboard


Workshop Equipment China

Flat Pack Universal Locker

Heavy Duty Workbench

Mobile Workbench

OEM/ODM Service


Engineering, Design and Embedded Software Development China

VoIP Communication System Development

Embedded Software Design

Stepper Motor Driver Development


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