Product Sourcing in China

Sourcing products from China is increasingly becoming the norm for competitive businesses worldwide; from property developers and construction companies sourcing building materials from China, to on-line retailers and supermarkets stocking their shelves with a range of products sourced from China. China’s manufacturing output has been associated with up to 80% of the worlds production, so it is not surprising that a huge range of building materials are available, such as glass, windows, doors, profiles, frames, garage roller doors, warehouse shelving, cabinets, joinery, bathroom and sanitary ware.  All of these can be sourced based on your specification.

Also in demand are flooring products, such as ceramic tiles, bricks, paving, engineered flooring; laminated and acrylics, laminated timber and wood, bamboo and faux wood flooring and many more. ChinaFind works with clients in the construction industry on their China Product Sourcing projects to ensure requirements are understood and specifications are accurately communicated to the selected China supplier.  Components such as stainless steel piping, machine or hand polished steel, aluminium extrusions, moulded plastics and precision cast items can all be sourced in China under the careful eye of ChinaFind’s sourcing team.

ChinaFind has a lot of experience delivering quality results over a range of China sourcing projects: safety and traffic supplies such as traffic cones, cable covers, expandable barriers, speed bumps, deployable tire spikes, corner protectors, parking and corner mirrors, kerb ramps, water barriers, safety signage and many more. We understand that each business is different and you know the product and what you need best. We take time to understand these needs and ensure they are accurately translated into positive outcomes via our process of ‘Find, Manage and Deliver.’

Consider sourcing items, for example motor vehicles and electronics such as mobile phones, network devices, electronic components or even children’s toys, and products used in the production and handling of food or medical devices. All these items, and indeed almost every product sourced from China, should be produced according to the standards defined by your home country. Be it Australian AS standards, European CE or US FDA, ANCAP or UPL, finding a supplier who can produce to these standards, handling product testing and certification and ensuring production remains compliant with these standards is an important and essential part of product sourcing in China. ChinaFind is experienced in these procedures and has connections in testing labs throughout China including SGS, TUV and more.

For more China Product Sourcing examples, call our office to talk to a professional about product sourcing in China.


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