China Sourcing Partner

Your China Sourcing Project will commence with a search for your ideal supplier in China. Hiring ChinaFind as your China Sourcing Partner is to have a highly experienced team working for you on-site in China. Taking the guess work out of the sourcing process, ChinaFind will use a combination of online and offline search procedures, benefiting from the local know-how of the sourcing team and Western management’s oversight, to accurately match your business and project needs with the right China supplier.

Working as your China Sourcing Partner, ChinaFind will continue to oversee each aspect of production.  We undertake inspections and site visits to control production as well as handle all communication with the factory to ensure that your requirements are translated correctly and that production standards and quality are assured.

Your China Sourcing Partner will oversee each aspect of the sourcing process including delivery. ChinaFind has a network of qualified logistics and shipping forwarders ready to handle any project and they have extensive experience in shipping throughout the world, advising on duty and customs procedures.

Enjoy the benefits of having a professional sourcing team working for you in China by hiring ChinaFind as your China Sourcing Partner now.

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