China Purchasing Office

In the rapidly changing global economy, China procurement has become the standard for companies wishing to maintain competitiveness in their supply chain. Establishing a legal entity in China to oversee the daily tasks associated with having an overseas supply chain not only difficult and time consuming, but it is expensive.  Most companies lack the resources and ability to set up and manage a China Purchasing Office.

Enter ChinaFind, where you can maintain all the benefits of your own China Purchasing Office without any of the costs. In addition, benefit from the experience and local knowledge of the ChinaFind team with the comfort of knowing that all aspects of your projects are managed and overseen by Western management, on-site, in China.

From the search for your optimum China factory, to managing production, quality assurance and finally delivery, ChinaFind can expertly handle all your China procurement tasks. Using ChinaFind as your China Purchasing Office will allow you to fast track your China Procurement projects while benefiting from having a highly experienced team at your disposal. Talk to us now to find out more about hiring ChinaFind as your China Purchasing Office.

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