China Procurement Services

ChinaFind’s professional China Procurement Services have been attaining client satisfaction for years, successfully delivering project requirements due to a highly developed process we call, ‘Find, Manage, Deliver.’

Via this process, ChinaFind is able to efficiently manage your China production by finding your supplier, negotiating the best price, placing orders, overseeing production and performing quality inspections to provide delivery solutions to worldwide destinations.

In any China procurement project, matching you with the correct supplier for your specific project needs is essential. It is our specialty at ChinaFind to understand your needs and communicate them to factories in China, identifying a shortlist of potential suppliers able to meet your requirements. Our sourcing experts take time to discuss project requirements with you so that you may select the best factory based on recommendations detailed in our preliminary research report.

China Procurement Services also encompasses all other aspects of procurement management. From negotiating real factory direct pricing, sales contracts and through to order placement, we ensure client requirements are covered and understood. Production management includes regular communication with the factory to ensure production is on time, stable and consistent. Strict quality control is assured due to the inspections we carry out during the stages of pre-production, production and post production.

Finally, rounding out the China Procurement Services is the ability to develop logistics and shipping solutions to any destination by working within a network of qualified shipping forwarders whom are experienced importers and exporters to countries including Australia, North/South America, Europe, Africa and many more.


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