China Factory Communication

The single element that can sabotage your China Factory sourcing is communication. While English is becoming widely spoken throughout the youth of China – currently almost all students are taught English to some level – the level of English spoken at your selected Chinese Factory can vary dramatically. Even when your contact can speak English, their ability to understand technical information is almost certainly limited.   That English speaking contact is employed for the specific role of understanding the technical concepts, production processes and import/export procedures is most of the time very limited. The people in these roles have generally only worked in the factory for less than a year and are in their first employment role meaning that they are highly inexperienced. So when a foreign customer gets in contact with them with specifications and requirements in English, the chances that all this information is translated and processed correctly are close to remote.

At ChinaFind, we centralise this process via our experienced bi-lingual sourcing team. With Engineering backgrounds and years of sourcing experience for Western/English speaking companies, ChinaFind is able to efficiently translate your requirements for factories to accurately quote prices. On-site in the factory, ChinaFind will discuss requirements with the technical managers in the production line, ensuring that the information has reached the people that are actually in control of your production run.

Whether you are having difficulty with your current supplier in China or are looking to begin a new China Sourcing Project, allow ChinaFind to manage your project and ensure that China Factory Communication is no longer an issue through our process of ‘Find, Manage, and Deliver.’ 

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