Standards Compliance

Not taking the appropriate steps to ensure standards compliance can result in serious legal ramifications. For example, the recent disaster of Mattel’s products contains lead in the paint of imported Children’s toys.  This wasn’t compliant with US FDA regulations the damaged caused by this regrettably avoidable situation is irreversible; however appropriate steps can be taken to avoid such problems.

Almost all imported products or components will be subject to local standards. In Australia there is AS and ADR for vehicles.  In the United States there are FDA, DOT for vehicles and FCC for frequency emitting devices.   Europe has the CE, EEC or ECE for vehicles, and the list goes on. You know the standard for your industry, but finding a China factory that understands the standards, respects the need to achieve compliance and ensures that compliance is maintained is only possible by using a procurement management company such as ChinaFind.

ChinaFind will assess your China supplier for standards compliance using a network of recognised 3rd party testing laboratories (for example SGS, TUV etc.) where necessary, to ensure the product which arrives at your doorstep is compliant with the standards of your country or region.


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