Delivery & Logistics Solutions

Successfully sourcing or manufacturing your product in China throughout all steps:  product packaging, loading into containers, travelling to the shipping port, clearing China’s customs, loading onto the ship which has been booked, and paying for and all documentation, completed in advance, before sailing it across the oceans to you. This is a protracted and necessary process that cannot be overlooked and can go wrong if not efficiently conducted with the necessary documents provided on time.

In China, factories will often have their own favoured shipping forwarder capable of completing procedures, up to the point of your containers departing China’s shores. This process is favoured by factories and will be denoted as FOB (Free on Board) on quotations. Why do they favour this forwarder? How genuine is the pricing and service level of the forwarder?  These questions will remain unanswered until experienced.

ChinaFind takes the risk out of this final but very important step by providing delivery, logistics solutions, and management services. Through a network of qualified forwarders, ChinaFind will obtain shipping quotes to ensure price goals, departure dates, transit time, and service levels are met and on your terms rather than the terms of the factory.

We ensure that you receive the bill of lading on time, correctly completed with pre-approved drafts.   Commercial invoices and packing lists are issued accurately and stamped with the required company marks. Furthermore, your certificates of origin, insurance, fumigation and other documents required for shipment upon arrival in your home country will be accurate and provided on time.

Do not overlook this part of the procurement process.  Ensure that your needs are met and exceeded.  Talk to ChinaFind to find out more.


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