China Factory Assessment

Outsourcing production to China, also referred to as China Procurement, requires putting your supply chain into the hands of an unknown party – your China Factory. Can they produce according to specification?  Do they meet international standards?  Is their machinery up to date and well maintained?  Who is running the machines and managing assembly lines? These are all relevant questions that must be answered before you select your appropriate China Factory.

During the China sourcing process, ChinaFind will develop a shortlist of Chinese factories based on the project requirements you provided as well as professional advice from our procurement experts. Each factory will be assessed to meet these requirements and will be ranked and compared based on these specific details as well as a range of other relevant benchmarks. This allows you to make an informed selection of your China Factory.

Have a peace of mind by knowing your chosen China Factory is a legal entity that has a history of exporting products to quality sensitive Western markets such as Australia, the US and Europe. A China Factory that is compliant with international standards (ISO, etc.) whilst holding the machinery, production capacity and the technical expertise to produce your product according to your specifications; this is the service provided by ChinaFind.

Our sourcing team based in our Shanghai location enables us to not only assess China Factories online, but also complete government and regulatory bureau checks prior to an on-site factory assessment, all of which are on our own predefined checklist. A full detailed report is provided to you, complete with photos and video where necessary. We can also arrange factory visits or video conferencing with your selected factory.

Having ChinaFind act as your eyes and ears in the factory is the best and smartest way to ensure your China Factory is the correct one for you.

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