Outsource Manufacturing to China

In a rapidly changing global economy, outsourcing your manufacturing to China is quickly becoming the only way to remain competitive. Using ChinaFind to manage your manufacturing in China is the intelligent way to make this happen and ensure a positive outcome and stability of supply.

China has a huge network of potential factories to work with.  It is ChinaFind’s specialty to understand your business and production needs to be able to direct you towards which factory is best to manufacture your product. Our process of ‘Find, Manage and Deliver,’ is proven to match our clients with the right supplier every time.

Our team of bilingual sourcing guru’s and Western managers will first take the time to fully understand your business and manufacturing needs so that they may apply this knowledge under a period of market research taking from four to six weeks. Only after in depth research is complete will it be possible to identify a shortlist of suppliers which ChinaFind will present to you along, with recommendations so you may make an informed selection of your manufacturing vendor.

Full due diligence is conducted on each potential supplier including on-site inspections, analysis of their technological capabilities as well as assessing the staff and management team that will provide the skills to manufacture your product to your precise standards.

Once a factory has been selected, ChinaFind will manage all aspects of production from prototypes and sampling through to quality assurance. At each step, a detailed report including photos will be provided to you.

Rest assured, our team will continue to manage supply by overseeing delivery, handling communication with the factory, and ensuring stability of supply.

Factory Direct

Our procurement management process of 'Find, Manage, Deliver' takes you straight to the most suitable China Factory for your project. Pay directly to your selected factory at real factory prices with full access to your suppliers and on site visits; factory tours are welcome!


Transparent Sourcing

Maintain control over your supply chain to make informed decisions based on extensive market research from recommendations provided by ChinaFind.



Quality Assurance

ChinaFind will carry out inspections and quality assurance right up to the loading containers for shipment. All products and components are produced and assessed to meet international standards (ANSI, BSI, AS/NZS, GOST, ISO, IEC, IEEE and EN etc.) in line with your specifications.


Western Owned & Managed - China Based

Take advantage of our local bilingual sourcing team, whom have the expertise and experience of sourcing in China, to ensure that your requirements are understood and met from production all the way through to delivery.

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