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Finding your supplier in China is a crucial stage of establishing a China supply chain. Almost every product you can imagine has hundreds of potential suppliers listed in China. Narrowing these down to the few capable and willing to work factories takes time and patience; it cannot be avoided.

After studying your requirements and analysing how they will impact the supplier section, ChinaFind will spend up to six weeks identifying and short listing potential China suppliers. It is critical to find a China supplier that is right for you and not simply the biggest and most impressive, but rather, the one most likely to deliver a successful outcome based on your business needs via long-term cooperation.

Using online resources such as ‘Alibaba’ and our network of contacts (industrial, Government, trade shows, exhibitions, etc.) in factories throughout China, ChinaFind’s sourcing team leaves no stone unturned.

While it is possible to remotely find a China supplier, such as by visiting China, the importance of conducting a full search and evaluation of potential suppliers cannot be more emphasized. Take the time to compare as many factories as possible, look at their history, financial status, machinery and technical ability and management structure – who will be the best match for you?

ChinaFind specialises in finding suppliers in China. We are able to understand your business and project requirements to translate them into long-term partnerships with optimum China suppliers. Get your China supply strategy off to the right start by talking to a ChinaFind representative now!

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