Product & Factory Inspections

Acting as your eyes and ears in the factory, ChinaFind’s professional inspection team studies what you need to be able to conduct on-site production and factory inspections, whenever, and wherever required.

Based in Shanghai, the ChinaFind team are supervised by Western management, giving an ideal balance of Western standards mixed with local Chinese business understanding. This unique structure is perfect for assisting companies outside of China with their China procurement projects.

During the initial stage of finding your China supplier, ChinaFind will conduct on-site factory inspections to ensure that everything on paper matches up with reality. Often, small (or large) details are discovered which may positively or negatively impact your supplier selection and greatly affect the success of your overall project. Investing in finding the right supplier is the cornerstone to successful China procurement. This can only be done effectively in China by going on-site and conducting a factory inspection.

Often, it is not only the factory which should be inspected. Off-the shelf product sourcing in China is very common and you are generally comparing multiple vendor options. Being able to confirm that a product comes from the supplier is produced on site (not outsourced) and that the factory retains the capacity to produce is only possible via an on-site inspection.

ChinaFind’s product and factory inspections are conducted in unison with you.  We have years of experience in China carrying out inspections, and no one understands your business and product requirements as well as you do, so let us work together. This means we take the time to customise the inspection process for every project.

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