Articles on Import and Sourcing from China

Why use a sourcing agent in China?

New to sourcing from China? Here are some of the reasons why even the most experienced companies choose to use a sourcing agent in China . So what happens? First of all, imagine you are buying a used car, you find an advert in the paper so you simply send over a cheque for the advertised amount....

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How to Buy From China

In todays highly competitive economic climate it is imperative companies gain every competitive advantage available. If you are reading this you are already aware that doing business in China is the answer to your procurement saving requirements.

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CF's Guide to Sourcing from China

When I first came to China I had heard all the nightmare stories about the problems faced when sourcing from China.

Tales of money being wired only for the manufacturer to disappear, low quality or damaged product shipped, the language barriers and all the rest. I was sceptical, I thought I would be fine with my experience working in procurement in Australia and the UK - I'm here to tell you it was a steep learning curve!

In this article and consecutive sections, I will try to cover all the issues and challenges you will face when importing from China and outline step by step the basics of how to import from China while minimizing risk of becoming another casualty.

These opinions are mine alone and are based on years of my experience and over 15 years of my business partner.

The steps are not absolute, they are the basic steps you should take to minimise risk, the more you do the better. For each of these steps my company has thoroughly defined processes to ensure a maximum result is achieved each time, you may find some steps tedious yet they are necessary.

For the purposes of this article we will assume you already have a product and are looking for a manufacturer in China.

The guide will be divided into the following articles:

How to Find a Manufacturer in China
How to Verify and Check China Company
How to Negotiate in China
How to Manage and Control Production in China
How to Manage Quality Assurance and Quality Control in China
How to Arrange China Customs Brokerage and Freight Shipping From China


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