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"In operating ChinaFind our team merges Australian management and business practices with local Chinese know how to ensure savings are achieved without sacrificing process integrity". - Managing Partner Lyndon Turner on ChinaFind.


To successfully do business in China it is necessary to understand not only language, but also the very unique Chinese business culture. In China, it is imperative to know how to build relationships and ultimately how to develop trust between the parties. ChinaFind's clients make up both first time importers as well as many that have tried and failed to import from China on their own. What ChinaFind does very well is manage the process in such a way as to optimise the price, time and quality of your selected product.

When importing from China you will be faced with:

- A very different business culture - foreign language including multiple dialects
- Communication difficulties and "lost in translation" issues
- Unreliable and untrustworthy operators and business practices
- Technological differences
- Geographic distance
- Poor product knowledge and customer service
- Fluctuating currencies
- A unique legal system and customs environment

Unlike the vast majority of Western procurement companies ChinaFind has Western - Australian - managers based in the Shanghai head office working directly with Chinese procurement specialists employed by ChinaFind. Many operators outsource to China companies losing any advantage you may have gained whilst increasing your costs.

Buy Direct From China

Unique to ChinaFind is their Direct Purchasing policy. Essentially it means full disclosure of factory information so that clients can be sure that there are no additional price grabbing middlemen - and all information will be fully transparent during the decision making process.

ChinaFind are industry leaders in the following areas:

- Procurement
- Quality Control and Assurance
- Delivery on time and Production Control
- Logistics

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