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  • Saving is Believing

    ChinaFind directly takes you to your optimum supplier at real China factory prices. Full control over every aspect of the supply chain avoids hidden costs and maximises speed to market.

  • On Time. On Budget. Today

    ChinaFind streamlines the entire process from innovation to sales; from finding your optimum supplier to ensuring compliance and delivery on time, ChinaFind is your partner in China.

  • See Inside the Factory

    Hiring ChinaFind is to gain unparalleled access to your China factory for full control over the final results ensuring what you specify, is what you get.

China Procurement Consultants

Enabling clients worldwide in industries from Mining to Agriculture to source from China, ChinaFind goes the extra distance in supplier due diligence and market intelligence in order to develop optimal China procurement strategies for our valued clients.

Leveraging our ‘on-site’ location in Shanghai, we have all the tools necessary to manage procurement projects throughout China. Our team of highly experienced sourcing professionals also benefit from direct Western management. Working on behalf of our clients, we continually achieve results and are respected for our expertise in supplier audits and evaluations, price and contract negotiations, and production and quality control.

We have applied our expertise to a wide range of products from China; from construction materials to transport, textiles, plastics, moulding and manymore. For expert advice on how to begin your own China procurement success story, contact ChinaFind now.

Transparent Sourcing

Transparent Sourcing

Maintain control over your supply chain and make informed decisions based on extensive market research using recommendations from ChinaFind.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

ChinaFind will carry out inspections and quality assurance right up to the loading of the containers for shipment. All products and components are produced and assessed to meet international standards (ANSI, BSI, AS/NZS, GOST, ISO, IEC, IEEE and EN etc.) in line with your specifications.

Western Owned & Managed - China Based

Western Owned & Managed - China Based

Our local bilingual sourcing team with the extensive experience of sourcing in China benefits from Western management, ensuring that your requirements are understood and met throughout production and delivery.

Factory Direct

Our procurement management motto of ‘Find, Manage, and Deliver,’ takes you straight to the most suitable China Factory for your project. Pay directly to your selected factory at real factory prices with full access to your suppliers, and on site visits; factory tours are welcome.

How To Source From China

Years of experience has allowed us to refine our processes ensuring maximum efficiency.  We cover all aspects of China sourcing and procurement management leaving nothing to chance.

1. Project Requirements
We begin by fully understanding your product and project requirements, which is enhanced by our Western team members available for direct consultation on site in China.

2. Shortlist of Potential Chinese Suppliers
Product specifications are translated into a shortlist of potential suppliers, which are thoroughly evaluated including on-site inspections, to find the best Chinese manufacturers.

3. Prototype and Production Samples
Prototype and production samples are followed by stringent production control including our quality assurance services.

4. Audits, Inspections & Site Supervision

ChinaFind performs continual on-site inspections before, during and after production to ensure standards and deadlines are met. Inspections during loading and prior to shipment guarantee the correct products are shipped.

We manage all aspects of delivery, from domestic transport to international freight, partnering with only the best freight forwarding companies.



Australian Management and Experienced Chinese Sourcing Agents

Take advantage of our onsite Australian management in China coupled with our team of highly experienced Chinese sourcing consultants with engineering backgrounds. Complete understanding of your requirements and translating them into manufacturing solutions is one of our key strengths.

The team members you talk to are also the people inspecting the Chinese manufactures, checking product quality and ensuring a direct line to the Chinese factory.

We Establish a Relationship Between You and Your Chinese Supplier

Our China location, Australian management, and local Chinese sourcing specialists enable us to negotiate and maintain a relationship with your Chinese supplier as only a local can.

Quality is assured through our transparent process of supplier selection, sampling, inspections, and production control.

Whether you are looking for a Chinese manufacturer to supply your product, require assistance in managing production in China, or wish to develop business in China, we will achieve your objective.

A ChinaFind consultant is only a phone call or email away, start saving now:

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